Analyzing Glasses and Modern Culture: Video Advertisements

Visionworks A Better You TV Commercial

Television commercials are an important form of advertisements. A 2012 television commercial from Visionworks, an eyewear company that provides glasses and contact lenses to men and women throughout the U.S., describes choosing a pair of glasses as “personal.” It claims that while glasses help improve vision, they also boost “confidence” and are “an extension of [one’s] personality.” Additionally, the commercial ensures that if you buy glasses through Visionworks, then you will also undoubtedly leave with “a better you.” For a commercial about glasses that is less than a minute long, this video makes a lot of claims and promises to people who are shopping for glasses. People in the video range in age, race, gender, and are portrayed in various setting so as to promote the versatility of the glasses. They range in emotions; some are serious, some are cheery, and some are silly. This additional dimension helps add to the overall message of the video that glasses are not just a solution to poor vision, but an expression of oneself.


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