Griselda’s Experience with Eyeglasses

When I was in the 8th grade I was given the most exciting news to date: I was going to need braces and glasses. That year I was tested for a prescription, fitted for a frame, and adorned with a complete set of bottom and top braces; to say that I thought I was “cool” is an understatement. All my friends had braces and, naturally, I wanted them as well. But not as many of my friends had glasses, so when I showed up to school with them I was the center of attention and I loved it.

I’m a sophomore in college and I still wear the same pair of glasses I bought seven years ago. I remember thinking that I had to pick a pair that would make me look intelligent yet sophisticated. I’m possibly the worst decision maker, so picking a frame was no easy task. I tried frame after frame and kept apologizing to the optometrist that was clearly getting frustrated with my lack of decisiveness. I went from colored circular frames, to metal shiny frames, and finally settled for a traditional black, rectangular frame.

Besides generating a lot of attention at school, I was shocked to realize how much easier it was to see the whiteboard in my classes. How had I been able to focus or do well in class if I couldn’t even see what was written on the board? Even when I wasn’t in class I struggled to see objects and people at a distance, sometimes straining my eyes in order to clearly see. Now that I’m in college, I still only use my pair of glasses, although it’s becoming clear to me that I need to get contacts because they’re more practical. I still only wear my glasses in lecture, but I could benefit from using them while riding my bike throughout campus or while playing lacrosse for the club lacrosse team. While I’m biking I tend to squint and strain my eyes in order to clearly see other bikers. When I walk through a dining hall I have a hard time seeing the food selection without getting relatively close to the items.  While I know that wearing my glasses will help me from straining my eyes, I’d rather not wear them outside of the classroom because they obstruct daily activities. I only wear them outside of class, for example, when they go well with the particular outfit I’m wearing that day. Otherwise, my glasses are kept in my backpack until lecture.

I’ve thought about getting contacts several times. I’ve even called my optometrist and made an appointment to discuss them, but canceled last minute because I decided that I could put them off for a bit longer. Truth is, my life would benefit exponentially from wearing contacts. I could play lacrosse without having to work hard to see the ball and I could bike and walk without worrying if I’m going to crash in something. I love my glasses, but it’s a hassle having to pull them up every couple of seconds when they slip off of the tip of my nose. While I think that my glasses have become an essential part of me and even reflect my personality, perhaps it’s time to make my life easier by getting contact lenses. 


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