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We authors, Kuan Peng, Sarah Roach, Griselda Arzate thank you for visiting our blog, The 11th Item: Soft Contact Glasses today!

This blog will give you a good understanding of contact lenses’ history, but is focused on how its design and functionality helped to transform society!

Note: it’s best to watch this on HD!

In addition, due to the large amount of content that is available on this website, we ask you take some time to browse through the website in this order. Of course, each article on this blog can be read independently of one another (as blog posts should be), but we hope to highlight several topics of interest. You can refer to the direction tab on the top menu for this anytime. Enjoy!


The introductory information on contacts will be a short refresher and small fact crunch. Visit it here.

Before you dive into the meat of our contents, you might want to take a look at each author’s perspective, here.

So what are the influences of contacts on our society? We explore this through contemporary media, and having some of the analytic skills from our class might be helpful! See here.

We can’t possibly explore contacts without considering its counter part, glasses. See detailed analysis here!

Monocular are no longer worn. Will contacts or glasses go out of fashion in 10 years? Check out this vision of the future while it’s hot!

And finally, here are the sources we referred to, if you wish to read even more!


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