Contact Lenses’ Influence

What kind perceptions and influences do contact lenses create in our society? What kind of work does it do?

Surely these might be questions you want to ask at this point. Well, if you haven’t already thought of these questions, then it might be nice to keep them in mind as you munch through these articles!

From a socioeconomic POV: Here

What are the marketers trying to make you think contacts can do? Commercial #1, #2

What do people think contacts are worth to them? Literary, and 1million views on youtube.

And don’t forget about our own interviews with Stanford Students.

And finally, to seal it up, we use hypothetical situations to deduct the key work contacts do in our society: What if contacts didn’t exist? What would we be missing from our lives? Read it here.

It’s not done yet! Keep going! Next is the glasses section.




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